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December 19, 2017


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Norfolk – A popular holiday destination located in East Anglia in the United Kingdom, Norfolk is perhaps most famous for its Norfolk Broads. The county of Norfolk has an area of 2,074 square miles, a population of around 900,000 and has seven districts: Breckland, King’s Lynn and West Norfolk, Broadland, North Norfolk, South Norfolk, Great Yarmouth and Norwich. Norfolk is low-lying and flat and has been settled since Pre-Roman times. Norfolk has some popular seaside resorts among the best known being Great Yarmouth, Cromer, Hunstanton and Sheringham, but is best known for its Broads National Park which is a popular destination for boating holidays, fishing and the observation of wildlife. The Broads National Park covers an area of around 117 square miles with about 120 miles of waterways suitable for navigation, there are sixty three broads and 7 rivers, mostly within the county of Norfolk but some within Suffolk. Norfolk has just one city and that is Norwich which today has a population of over 200,000 people and during the time of the Normans was one of England’s largest settlements. The second largest settlement is King’s Lynn with over 42,000 residents.

See maps of places in Norfolk here:

March 6, 2015

Thetford Norfolk

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Thetford Norfolk – An ancient town which was home the the legendary British tribal leader Boudica, Thetford is surrounded by forests and is on the main route between Cambridge and East Anglia. With many historic old buildings still surviving, this is a great place to visit if you find yourself in this area. If you visit on a market day (Tuesday or Saturday) you will find the town bustling with thousands of shoppers, but beware as finding a parking space might be impossible. Be sure to head for the Dad’s Army Museum, housed in the Old Fire Station, where you can view exhibits relating to the ever popular TV series.

March 5, 2015

Great Yarmouth a Review

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Great Yarmouth a Review – A popular seaside resort since the 18th century, Great Yarmouth is actually a very old town with a history stretching back to Roman times, when a fortress was built at the mouth of the River Yare, at roughly the place where Great Yarmouth (“Yarmouth”)now stands. Up to and including the times when it was popular as a holiday resort, Great Yarmouth survived mostly as a result of its successful fishing fleet, which made the most of the abundant herring to support the town’s growth. In the 1950s and 1960s it was a booming traditional British seaside resort attracting many thousands of visitors to its fine beaches and many attractions.

March 2, 2015

Review of Heacham Norfolk

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Heacham Norfolk East Anglia: A sizable coastline village having a population of close to five thousand, Heacham has got a pair of sandy beaches and good coastal walks in both directions via the seafront on The Wash. It is the hub of Norfolk’s lavender cultivating business, and in the summertime the nearby fields gleam with countless shades of purple and mauve. The sign in the village and also a memorial inside the parish church of Heacham evoke memories of Pocahontas who in sixteen fourteen married local resident and tobacco grower John Rolfe, in Virginia. The ancient Caley Mill, positioned upon the King’s Lynn to Hunstanton road, is the place that the locally cultivated lavender is bundled and shipped, and is open to the public. Heacham is a great place for a holiday or just a short visit.

February 27, 2015

Kings Lynn Norfolk Review

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King’s Lynn Norfolk Review – The Georgian age endures in most of King’s Lynn in East Anglia, in a range of smart facades everywhere in the old heart of the town. And yet King’s Lynn, or ‘Lynn’ as it is most often called by natives, is far more olden than the eighteenth century. Lying on the east bank of the River Great Ouse, it was already a harbour by the time of the 1086 Domesday Book, at which time it was known as Luna or Lena It was granted a charter in 1204 by King John, and by thirteen forty seven it was prosperous enough to supply nineteen ships for the English fleet, at a time that London supplied twenty four.

In the Dark Ages the town was referred to as Bishop’s Lynn in fifteen thirty seven the title was altered to King’s Lynn by order of King Henry VIII. The church of St Margaret’s was originally constructed in around 1100, and it is an assortment of architectural styles, it has a ‘Gothic’ nave put up in the mid-18th century, as a storm sent the spire crashing down across the earlier nave. The Town Hall, near the church, was at first the Holy Trinity Guildhall, erected in the early 15th century.

King’s Lynn’s treasure is presented in the Regalia RoomsRooms in the medieval undercroft. The St George’s Guildhall, in King Street, was constructed in the early 14th century and is proclaimed to be the greatest medieval guildhall in the country to have survived undamaged. It is owned by the National Trust and serves as the HQ of Lynn’s annual summer time fair. The theatre in the upper area of the Guildhall carries on an ancient theatrical tradition, and it’s claimed that Shakespeare himself had performances there. Both the Guildhall and Town Hall are built of flint in an outstanding black and white chequer pattern.

Map of Norfolk East Anglia

March 6, 2012

Wells-Next-the-Sea Norfolk

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Wells-Next-the-Sea Norfolk – A seaside town, port and resort on the north coast of Norfolk in East Anglia, United Kingdom, Wells-Next-the-Sea, or simply Wells as the locals call it, has a population of about two and a half thousand inhabitants, and is located to the east of Hunstanton (some fifteen miles distant) and to the north of Fakenham. Wells no doubt gets its name from the large number of springs to be found around the town. Wells-Next-the-Sea is well known for its lifeboat, though disaster struck in 1880 when 11 of the crew were lost in a great storm.

Wells-Next-the-Sea Norfolk Map.

View a map of Norfolk county here:

Hunstanton Norfolk

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Hunstanton Norfolk – A popular seaside resort located in the county of Norfolk, Hunstanton is unique in that it faces west though it is on the east coast of the United Kingdom. Known locally as “Sunny Hunny”, Hunstanton faces The Wash, and though it does not get as crowded as it did in its heyday, it still attracts plenty of summer time visitors drawing people from the city of Norwich and the surrounding areas. Hunstanton has always been a popular day-trip resort and continues to be so. Hunstanton is to the north-east of King’s Lynn and to the west of Sheringham.

Hunstanton Norfolk Map.

View map of King’s Lynn here:

March 5, 2012

Norwich Cathedral Norfolk

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Norwich Cathedral Norfolk: Norwich Cathedral is a cathedral of England located in the county of Norfolk. It was begun in 1096 , the clerestory of the choir was rebuilt in the Early English Gothic style of the sixteenth  century and the Perpendicular style arches were added in the fifteenth  century and beginning of the sixteenth  century. Built with stone from Caen , the mighty Romanesque tower and spire of the fifteenth century as are the low nave and flying buttresses of the apse. The vault tiercerons walers and gives lightness to the whole Romanesque nave. The door with its carved representations of Christ with a bishop, a monk and angels, is one of the most beautiful doorways of the early Decorated style. The cloister, whose elevation is unique on two levels, was rebuilt between 1297 and 1430 and have great vaults with, four hundred keystones depicting the Good, Evil, lives of Christ, Mary and the Saints. The cathedral in Norwich is located at 62 The Close, City Centre, Norwich, Norfolk, NR1 4EH.

Norwich Norfolk Map.

View the latest weather in Norwich here:

October 26, 2010

Blakeney National Nature Reserve

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Located on the north coast of Norfolk in England, the Blakeney National Nature Reserve, takes in the areas of Blakeney Point, Morston Marshes, Blakeney Marshes, Morston Quay, Stiffkey Marshes and Blakeney Freshes. It is a renowned area for birdlife, with many species of waders, seabirds and wildfowl taking refuge there. The sandbanks are also a favourite spot for numerous Grey and Common seals, which can be spotted basking there. The Blakeney National Nature Reserve is close to the villages of Blakeney, Wiveton, Cley-Next-the-Sea and Morston, it is open all year round and has some facilities for visitors.

Weybourne Norfolk

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A small fishing village located on the north coast of Norfolk, United Kingdom, Weybourne has a population of just over 500, and is a pretty village surrounded by heaths woodland and agricultural land. Recorded in William the Conqueror’s Domesday Book, Weybourne was later the site of an Augustinian abbey, which stood until the dissolution of the monasteries in the 16th century.

Felbrigg Hall Norfolk

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Situated about 3 miles inland from Cromer you will find the National Trust run Felbrigg Hall, a 17th century Jacobean House with some attractive gardens and a park. Former home of the Windham family, it passed to the Ketton-Cremer family in the early 20th century and finally to the National Trust. Inside the house look for the Gothic style library and the Georgian Drawing Room, outside you will find beautiful gardens, woodland and a lake. Felbrigg Hall house is open to the public from April to November, the gardens late February to early January, and the estate walks are open all year round.

Cromer Norfolk

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Perhaps most famous for the quality of its edible crabs, caught by local fishermen for many centuries, Cromer, located on the north coast of Norfolk is also renowned for the bravery of its lifeboatmen, and one in particular, Henry Blogg, to whom a museum is dedicated. One of Norfolk’s most charming seaside resorts, Cromer attracts a good number of holidaymakers during the summer time, and has a good beach, a pier and plenty to do, even when the weather is not so good (which it often isn’t!). Worth a look in Cromer, is the parish church (St Peter and St Paul), the RNLI Henry Blogg Museum, Cromer Lighthouse and Cromer Pier, close by you will find several attractive villages such as Overstrand and East Runton, just a short drive away is the village of Felbrigg, where the National Trust run Felbrigg Hall can be visited, here you can enjoy the stunning house, walk around the beautiful gardens, or stroll around the park and estate, with woodlands and lake.

Cromer Street Map.

Guide to Cromer:

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