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April 29, 2011

Wokingham Berkshire

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A busy rural market town located in the near to Reading in the county of Berkshire, United Kingdom, Wokingham has around 30,403 inhabitants. The history of the town harps back to Anglo-Saxon times, when it was a small settlement surrounded by oak trees. Wokingham still has some old Georgian houses and some pretty half-timbered cottages, if you search down some of the back streets, and the town itself is still quite attractive, and well worth a visit, if you are in the Berkshire area. At one time having a significant brick-making industry, and even longer ago, a bell foundry and silk manufacture, it now relies on more modern businesses such as computer software design. The St Paul’s parish church is not that old by English standards and was only built in the 1860’s. A nice place for a stroll when the weather is fine is the pretty Agates Meadow. Other nearby places include Crowthorne, Binfield and Bracknell.

April 28, 2011

Watergate Bay Newquay Cornwall

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An excellent place that you could visit if you are taking a holiday in Newquay, Cornwall, this year, is the beautiful Watergate Bay, located some two miles north of the resort, near to the village of Tregurrian. With a wonderful long sandy beach, and a bay exposed to north-westerly winds, Watergate Bay is a renowned location for surfing and water sports. Such a great spot that the National Surfing Championships have even been held there in the past. Ideal if you ever wanted to learn to surf, Watergate Bay is also fantastic for kite flying, so while you are learning to surf, the kids can be having their own fun. There is plenty of self-catering accommodation in the area, with caravan parks a plenty, there is also an excellent hotel, called the Watergate Hotel, which overlooks the bay. The vibrant nightlife of Newquay is just a short drive away for your evening entertainment.

Cornwall Map.

April 26, 2011

Rouen Notre-Dame Cathedral

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One of the main tourist attractions in the French city of Rouen is the Notre-Dame Cathedral, which was the site of a church as far back as the 4th century AD. This great cathedral which attracts millions of visitors from all over the world is huge and awe inspiring, with an amazing history which features characters like Charlemagne, Rollo, and Richard I. The cathedral which contains the tomb of Richard the Lionheart, reaches a height of 151 metres, and was at one time the tallest spire in the world.

View a map of France here:

Playa Flamenca Beaches

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Playa Flamenca Beaches - Cala Mosca

Playa Flamenca Beaches – Cala Mosca

For those of you who are heading to the Costa Blanca resort of Playa Flamenca this year, you will certainly be looking for the best beaches to visit in the resort and area, especially if this is your first holiday in Playa Flamenca. Well beaches are certainly not hard to find, in and around Playa Flamenca, and the two main beaches of the resort are Cala Mosca and Cala Estaca. These two beaches are to be found on either side of the seafront commercial centre, where the Post Office (Correos) and the lobster restaurant are located. Above the commercial centre there are apartments for rent, so you could even spend your holiday right beside the beach, if that is your desire. Other decent beaches that you could reach by foot or with a quick car journey from Playa Flamenca, are La Zenia beach, Punta Prima beach, and the two beaches of Cabo Roig, also within easy reach (by car) are the beaches of Campoamor, which are among the best in the region, my actual favourite is Cala Capitan in Cabo Roig. As the beaches are the most likely place you will be heading whilst on holiday in Playa Flamenca, especially if the weather is sunny, which it normally is, you will want to find the best ones to visit. These are the ones you should try out first, then pick the one you like the best.

April 21, 2011

Mellieha Malta

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A popular seaside resort located on the north-west coast of Malta, in the Mediterranean Sea, Mellieha has a resident population of just over 7,000. Little more than a large village, Mellieha came into being during the colonization of Malta by the British, in an area that was formerly virtually uninhabited. Attracting both holidaymakers and those wishing to re-settle in the sunny Malta weather, Mellieha has grown into a desirable destination, and will no doubt continue to grow. There are a good selection of holiday villas and apartments for rent in Mellieha, and also plenty of hotels if that is your preferred choice of accommodation.

Lyme Regis Dorset

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A charming little coastal resort on Lyme Bay in West Dorset, Lyme Regis was a significant medieval port which became a holiday resort during the eighteenth century. It was awarded it royal title “Regis” by Edward I in the late 13th century. The harbour, which became a haven for vessels in stormy weather, it protected by a wall called “The Cobb”, which also allowed the port to build and launch ships. The ill-fated Monmouth Rebellion to overthrow James I, began here in 1685, after the Duke of Monmouth landed there. Lyme Regis was a popular area for smugglers during centuries past and later featured in two books, Jane Austen’s “Persuasion” and John Fowls “The French Lieutenant’s Woman” (later made into a film starring Jeremy Irons and Meryl Streep. Lyme Regis and neighbouring Charmouth are two of the best areas for fossils, this being part of the Jurassic Coast Heritage Coast of Dorset.

April 19, 2011

Andover Hampshire Early History

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A sizeable town in the north-west of Hampshire, Andover has a population of 52,000, and it stands on the banks of the River Anton roughly equidistant from the city of Winchester and the town of Basingstoke. Like most English towns it dates from Anglo-Saxon times and was recorded in Saxon annals as a royal hunting lodge belonging to King Edred (this was in the tenth century), and even saw the holiding of a Saxon ‘Parliament’. Later also recorded in the Domesday Book, Andover even at this early time had six watermills. Plodding along as a little market town it became quite significant for producing wool, which was the main source of income for the town. At this time Andover had a church, a priory, a hostel and a lepers hostel, the priory being eventually closed by Henry VIII. Much later in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries is developed into an important stagecoach stopping off point being on the route between London and Exeter (via Salisbury).

April 17, 2011

Campoamor Orihuela Costa Spain

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One of the finest of the Orihuela Costa beach resorts, the attractive Campoamor (Dehesa de Campoamor) is a much loved holiday destination, attracting both Spanish nationals and International holidaymakers. Sandwiched between the beautiful Cabo Roig and the delightful Mil Palmeras, Campoamor has some superb, clean beaches, good amenities, great weather conditions, and is ideally located just north of San Javier airport. If you are planning a holiday in Campoamor, you should have no trouble finding accommodation and there are privately owned and agent administered, self-catering properties, together with hotels and aparthotels in the area. Road access to Campoamor is excellent and as well as the coastal N-332 road, there is a junction marked “Dehesa de Campoamor” from the AP-7 motorway, which runs close to Campoamor and the entire Orihuela Costa region. The Orihuela Costa is in the southern section of the Costa Blanca.

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April 16, 2011

Warminster Wiltshire

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A small town standing on the River Were in the county of Wiltshire, Warminster (population 17,000), dates from Anglo-Saxon times, though there may well have been settlements in the area as far back as the Iron Age. During the Middle Ages, Warminster grew in size and wealth through the wool and cloth trade, and also due to its importance as a corn market (only surpassed in this region by Bristol). Warminster later became significant as the home of a bell foundry, which produced high quality bells for local churches throughout the 17th century. During WW1, many troops from various countries of the British Empire, were garrisoned in and around Warminster. When the weather is fine, take a pleasant stroll along the River Were, or visit the Minster Church of Saint Denys.

View a map of Wiltshire here: Wiltshire Street Map.

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And check out the latest weather in Warminster here: Warminster Weather.

April 15, 2011

La Zenia Costa Blanca

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Planning a holiday in Spain this year? Then why not try out the super Orihuela Costa coastal resort of La Zenia and have a great time on the Costa Blanca. Enjoying wonderful sunny weather, La Zenia is a great spot for a family holiday, for couples or just for a short break in the sun to get away from the misery of the UK. Sunbathe on the beach, have a tipple in the local La Zenia bars, luxuriate in the first class La Zenia Hotel, walk along the seafront to nearby Cabo Roig, visit Torrevieja, or just relax in your apartment or villa. Whatever is your thing, you will enjoy it best at the Costa Blanca resort of La Zenia, so why not head there soon for the holiday of a lifetime?

La Zenia Street Map.

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April 3, 2011

St Lucia Windward Islands Caribbean

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An island country situated in the Windward Islands, Lesser Antilles, in the Caribbean Sea, St Lucia covers an area of about two hundred and thirty eight square miles, it has a resident population of just over one hundred and seventy three thousand. The first settlers in St Lucia came from France, and they found the native Carib people already on the island, control of St Lucia changed continually between France and England, until 1814, when the British finally took over total control of the island. St Lucia is a popular holiday destination and the most poplar time to visit is between January and April when the weather is at its best (this being the dry season). The capital of St Lucia is Castries.

History of Fuengirola Costa del Sol

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Location of an early Iberian settlent, what is now known as Fuengirola was originally known as Suel. A little later the Phoenicians founded a trading post there, to serve their ships, which regularly plied their trade along this coast, on their way to Portugal and beyond. Subsequently occupied by the Romans, and noted by Pomponius, a Roman historian, a fortress was built in Fuengirola, together with spa baths and residential villas. Sohail Castle was built much later, and by another civilisation, namely the Moors, this was during the 10th century. The settlement was burnt to the ground in the Middle Ages, and became little more than a heap of ashes and rubble, its remaining residents fleeing to nearby Mijas. In the late 15th century Fuengirola was recaptured from the Arabs, by the Christians, it soon became depopulated, but eventually recovered to become the sizeable town that it is today. In the 20th century tourism arrived and saw the area grow considerably, attracted by the wonderful weather, excellent beaches, and good amenities, Fuengirola has continued to attract visitors up to the present day, becoming one of the most popular resorts on the Costa del Sol.

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