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October 31, 2011

Wells Somerset

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Wells Somerset – A small cathedral city in the county of Somerset in south-western England, Wells is actually the tiniest cathedral city in the country. With a resident population of just over 10,000 it is little more than a large village. Getting its name from 3 wells located in the city which are all dedicated to St Andrew and tracing its history back to Roman times, Wells became established as a true settlement during Saxon times when a minster church was founded by King Ine of Wessex. Wells grew in prosperity mostly due to the cloth trade and the arrival of the railway increased its accessibility. Wells Cathedral dates from the 12th century. Wells is situated between Shepton Mallet and Cheddar in the county of Somerset.

See a map of Wells here:

And a map of Somerset here:

October 28, 2011

Olympic Stadium Map

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Olympic Stadium Map, Marshgate Lane, Stratford, London, United Kingdom.

View larger map

Olympic Stadium Map Stratford London – Above is a satellite map showing the Olympic Stadium located in Marshgate Lane, Stratford, London.

View a detailed street map of Stratford here: Stratford Street Map

See a map of the central areas of London here: London Street Map

Get more information on the Olympic Stadium here: Map of Olympic Stadium.

Olympic Stadium Stratford London

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Olympic Stadium Stratford London: At the heart of the 2012 Olympic games in London is the amazing new Olympic Stadium which has been built in the Stratford area of East London. Stratford was chosen as the location for the stadium after being identified as an area in need of regeneration close to central London. Situated on land near Marshgate Lane in Stratford work on preparing the site started in 2007, though the actual building work did not begin until the twenty second of May 2008. The Olympic Stadium was completed on the twenty ninth of March 2011. The Olympic Stadium was designed by architectural firm, Populous, it has a seating capacity of 80,000, though this will be reduced after the completion of the games, when it will become a wonderful venue for the people of London.

October 27, 2011

Ulverston Cumbria

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Ulverston Cumbria – A small market town located at the heart of the Furness peninsula in Cumbria, United Kingdom, Ulverston has a population of around 11,500. A market town since the late 13th century, Ulverston later developed into a thriving maritime community after the construction of a deepwater canal which linked it to the open sea. Famous as the birthplace of black and white film star Stan Laurel (Laurel and Hardy), and also as the location of the Hoad Monument, Ulverston is a charming and largely unspoilt town with a maze of cobbled streets and alleys. The parish church of Ulverston (St Mary’s) is the oldest structure in the town and dates from Norman times, with sections surviving from the early 12th century.

Cumbria Map.

October 13, 2011

Ampthill Bedfordshire England

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Ampthill – A small market town of around 7,000 inhabitants, Ampthill traces its history back to Anglo-Saxon times and its name in fact comes from the Anglo-Saxon language (meaning “ant hill”). Ampthill has held a street market since 1242 and market day in Ampthill is on Thursdays. The town once had a castle which has long since disappeared, though in the 16th century was regularly visited by Henry VIII. The St Andrew’s parish Church in Ampthill has a monument to the 1st English Governor of Long Island in New York. Ampthill is in the county of Bedfordshire between Bedford (to the north of Ampthill) and Luton to the south.

Bedfordshire Map.

October 11, 2011

Abanilla Murcia

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Abanilla Murcia – A small town and municipality in the Murcia region of Spain, Abanilla has a population of  6,642 and an area of 236 square kilometres. Abanilla is well known for its basket making and lace making, both of which still take place today. Abanilla has a long and chequered history and has been the subject of many an ownership battle of the centuries, changing hands many times as a result. If you choose to visit Abanilla, head into the old town where you will find numerous places of interest including the Fountain of the Carob Tree, the St Joseph parich Church, and the Corazon de Jesus monument.

Map of Abanilla.

Hot Air Balloon Rides

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Hot Air Balloon Rides

Hot Air Balloon Rides UK

Hot Air Balloon Rides – One of life’s great experiences which is probably easier to arrange now than at any time in the past is a hot air balloon ride or hot air balloon flight, whichever you prefer to call it. Throughout the United Kingdom there are dozens of great launch sites from where you can experience this amazing adventure for yourself, or maybe purchase a trip for a loved one or friend. Float serenely across the British countryside and get spectacular views of villages, towns and exciting attractions, experience the quiet tranquility of a flight with no noisy engines or propellers. Sip a glass of champagne and drink a toast to a wonderful lifetime experience, but be prepared to be hooked and want to go again and again. Some of the great venues from where you can experience hot air balloon rides are the Cotswolds, Kent, Buckinghamshire, Norfolk, Scotland, Devon, Dorset, Sussex and Gloucestershire, in fact almost all Uk counties have launch sites.

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