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January 22, 2010

Barnsole Vineyard Canterbury Kent

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If you are visiting Canterbury in Kent, United Kingdom this year, and are looking for something a little different to do, why not try a visit to the Barnsole Vineyard, a family run vineyard which produces high quality wines and welcomes visitors for free wine tastings and a guided tour of the vineyard which covers an area of just 3 acres. Open from April to October when the Canterbury weather is at its best, a charge of just £1.50 per person is asked for a guided tour of the vineyard, you can also purchase wine on the premises. The Barnsole Vineyard is located on Fleming Road, Staple, Canterbury and the telephone number is 01304 812 530. Why not take out an hour or two to visit this interesting and different Kent attraction. Canterbury Map.

Praia da Rocha Portugal

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One of the best known and earliest established beach resorts on the Algarve coastline of southern Portugal, Praia da Rocha has attracted large numbers of holidaymakers since at least the 1930’s. Undergoing significant developed since those early times, Praia da Rocha draws an ever increasing multitude of visitors who arrive to delight in the superb beach, the bustling nightlife and the wonderful  weather that the resort enjoys. No doubt the main attraction of all of these is the fantastic golden, sandy beach, which lies beside the attractive red sandstone cliffs another notable feature of the resort, the cliffs are formed into numerous weird shaped rock formations, some interesting subjects for a photo or two. The ancient city of Portimao is just a short drive or a good walk away (about a mile and a quarter), Portimao is a busy port and the 2nd largest city in the Algarve region of Portugal. You can view a map of the Praia da Rocha area here: Praia da Rocha Map.

Lagos Portugal

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One of the highlights of the Algarve region of Portugal is the historic town of Lagos, former headquarters of the famous explorer Henry the Navigator. Crammed with historic buildings despite being severely damaged in the great earthquake of 1755, Lagos has some of its old city walls, a 17th century castle and many interesting post earthquake buildings and monuments. Also a well known area for surfing, this part of the Algarve coast is windswept and battered by the Atlantic Ocean, with numerous prime locations between Lagos and Sagres in the extreme west. For beach lovers, Lagos is perfect as there are lots of wonderful beaches in the area and some charming little seaside resorts nearby, this is of course as well as the delightful Lagos weather which alone attracts many visitors. Despite this, the old town is the main draw, best explored by foot, visitors can wander the narrow winding streets taking in the atmosphere and imagining what the place was like when Portugal was a major seafaring nation. The port area dates from Roman times and was at that time called Lacobriga, it would have been a major trading town, servicing ships going along this busy coast. Later controlled by the Moors, it came back into Christian hands in 1241 and enjoyed the boom created by Portugal’s growing Empire in Africa and South America. Present day Lagos has a population of around 18,000 most of which is concentrated near to the coast, the main industry is tourism. Lagos is around 65 kilometres from Faro and its airport so you may need to hire a car should you wish to visit. Lagos Map.

January 17, 2010

Lanzarote Resorts – Playa Blanca

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Located in the extreme south of Lanzarote in the Spanish Canary Islands, the town of Playa Blanca was formerly just a small fishing village. In recent years Playa Blanca has become one of the largest resorts on the island, but has not yet been too badly spoilt by this rise to notoriety. Boasting some fine sandy beaches, the one to the south at Playa de Papagayo of particular note, Playa Blanca is also the main ferry port for accessing the neighbouring island of Fuerteventura (where the beaches are even better). Playa Blanca has a decent range of shops, bars and restaurants and is ideal for family, beach style holidays. The main attractions for visitors to the resort are the traditional charm and the excellent Lanzarote weather, which is ideal for winter breaks away from the cold and damp of northern Europe.

January 15, 2010

Aston Clinton Buckinghamshire

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Aston Clinton Parish Church

Aston Clinton Parish Church

A small village located to the east of Aylesbury in the county of Buckinghamshire, England, United Kingdom, Aston Clinton has a population of 3,000 and has been a settlement since at least Saxon times and possibly earlier (a Roman cemetery has been found nearby). It was important enough to be mentioned in the Domesday Book, where it was names as Estone. The construction of it’s parish church begun during the twelfth century and later work was done subsequently with a full restoration in 1867. It became the home of Sir Anthony de Rothschild during the 19th century and it was Sir Anthony who gave the Aston Hall to the village for use as a school. Aston Clinton is notable as having given it’s name to the Aston Martin car after one of the founders of the company entered a hill climbing trial on Aston Hill. Modern day Aston Clinton is a charming little village and a desirable location to live with easy access to the busy town of Aylesbury.

Madrid Spain

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With a population of 3.3 million, Madrid is the largest city in Spain and the 3rd largest in Europe (only London and Berlin are more populous), it is also the highest capital city in Europe at 650 metres above sea level. Founded by the Moors in the late 9th century, it became a Moorish village named ‘Magerit’ (the place of many springs), in 1561 it became the capital of Spain and a huge Empire after Felipe II moved his court there, favouring its central location. Modern day Madrid is one of the greatest cities in the world and its heartbeat is the Puerta del Sol, in the centre of the old city, bordered by the Paseo del Prado to the east and the Palacio Real to the west. There are a huge number of attractions in the centre of the old city and a good place to stay which is right beside many of these attractions is the Madrid Reina Victoria a famous hotel with a great reputation. It would be best to avoid the hot summer months when visiting the city as Madrid weather can be unbearably hot during this period, in fact most native Madrileños head for the coast to avoid the searing temperatures. Map of Madrid.

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