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September 2, 2013

Sucina Murcia

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A small village in the Murcia region of Spain, Sucina is close to Murcia’s border with Alicante, so it could be considered to be part of either the Costa Blanca or Costa Calida. Sucina has a population of around a thousand, a population which is now rising (due to tourism) where it was previously falling due to youngsters moving away to more prosperous areas. Sucina is handy for the beaches of the Mar Menor and also those of the Orihuela Costa, so although it is an inland village, a beach is never far away. Golf is also important for Sucina with a course and country club near to the village.

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March 25, 2012

Daya Nueva Alicante

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Daya Nueva Alicante: Daya Nueva (in Valencian Daia Nova) is a municipality and town of Valencia, Spain. Located in the province of Alicante and the region of the Vega Baja del Segura (Low Fertile Valley of the River Segura), in the area to the left of the Segura River, east of Almoradi. The main economic activity of Daya Nueva has always been irrigated agriculture, producing citrus fruits, artichokes and potatoes. Currently the town has many shops and other businesses, and is gradually moving towards a more modern economy. Daya Nueva experiences a typical Mediterranean climate with sunny weather all year round. Daya Nueva has a population of 1,988 nearby town and villages include Daya Vieja, San Fulgencio, Almoradi, Dolores and Catral.

Learn more about the town of Daya Nueva here:

March 14, 2012

Montgo National Park Alicante

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Montgo National Park Alicante Spain: The Montgo National Park, declared a Natural Park in 1987, covers an area of  2117.68 hectares and rises to 753 metres. The park which has witnessed the passage of man from ancient times has a high cultural and archaeological value. Noted for its more than 650 species of flora, among which are endemic as Carduncellus dianius . The Montgo National Park reaches the sea at Cape San Antonio, which at its feet is home to the Natural Reserve of the sea that bears its name, declared in 1994 by the importance of biodiversity that it contains. The Montgo National Park has some of the most spectacular scenery of the coast of Valencia.

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March 12, 2012

Abdet Alicante Spain

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Abdet Alicante Spain – Abdet is a town in the valley of Guadalest, Alicante (Spain), and belongs administratively to the nearby town of Confrides. It is situated at the foot of the Sierra de Serrella, at an altitude of 630 metres. It currently has a population of 100 inhabitants. The name “Abdet” is probably from the Arabic language and the town originates from the Moorish occupation of Spain. After the Reconquest it was given to Vidal de Sarria by King James 1 (1264). Abdet is just inland of the northern Costa Blanca coastline.

See a detailed map of the Costa Blanca here:

November 14, 2011

Novelda Spain

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Novelda Spain: A town situated between Elda and Aspe in the Alicante province of Valencia, Spain, Novelda is an important area for the production of marble, with many factories on the approaches to the town. Novelda is also renowned for its spices (condimentos) particularly saffron (azafran). A historic town, Novelda was settled by Greeks and Romans long before the Moors arrived to control the area. Its best known monument is the Santa Maria Magdalena monastery (which may remind you of the famous Sagrada Familia in Barcelona), it was designed by a protégé of Gaudi during the 19th century. Also worth a look in Novelda is the Arabic castle of Mola and the Museum of Modernista. Today Novelda has a population of over 27,000 and is a mostly industrial town.

Novelda Road Map.

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November 1, 2011

Monforte del Cid Alicante

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Monforte del Cid Alicante – Originally called  Nompot in the 13th century, the town of Monforte del Cid is situated in the Alicante province of Spain. The town was awarded to his son by King Alfonso in 1328 along with a number of other villages, and by 1355 it was already being referred to as Monfort, later being changed to Monforte in 1708, the Del Cid part of the name was added in 1916 by Royal Decree. Monforte del Cid is well known for its grapes, especially dessert grapes and its economy has depended on grapes for many centuries. If you visit Monforte del Cid be sure to look at the 15th century Gothic parish church.

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August 22, 2011

Ciudad Quesada Spain

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Ciudad Quesada Spain

Entrance to Ciudad Quesada

Ciudad Quesada Spain – A unique and interesting place located inland of Torrevieja, on the Costa Blanca, Spain is the new city of Ciudad Quesada, built since the 1970’s and the product of a dream by a man named Justo Quesada Samper. As a child this extraordinary man dreamt of a city where people could live together in peace and harmony and enjoy life to the full, with everything to hand and available. As the city started to grow it developed around the holiday home plan and many International citizens began buying properties in the city making it a truly Cosmopolitan area. Now the city of Quesada (as it is more commonly known) is fully complete and has its own Town Hall, medical centre, shops, bars, restaurants, social club, eighteen hole golf course and aqua water park, plus much more. Mostly built upon a hillside, Ciudad Quesada offers some spectacular views over Rojales, the nearby salt lakes and on to the azure blue Mediterranean Sea. Quesada benefits from sunny weather all year round, so has became a popular holiday resort, with hundreds of detached villas with pools available for rent. You can reach Ciudad Quesada using the CV-905 from Torrevieja or the handy AP-7 motorway which connects the city with both Murcia and Alicante airports.

Ciudad Quesada Map.

June 14, 2011

Map of Cabo Roig Spain

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View larger map

Map of Cabo Roig Spain – A little extra help for you if you are visiting Cabo Roig in Spain this summer, an excellent map which will help you find your way around the resort. This map of Cabo Roig shows the main access to the resort via the coast road known as the N-332, and also showns the AP-7 Autovia, which you may use if arriving from the direction of either Alicante or Murcia airport. The easiest place to get off the Autovia (motorway) for Cabo Roig is the La Zenia exit (if coming from Alicante direction), and the Dehesa de Campoamor exit if arriving from the direction of Murcia airport or Cartagena.

May 26, 2011

Villamartin Costa Blanca Spain

Villamartin Golf Course

Villamartin Golf Course

One of the most popular areas of the southern Costa Blanca, Villamartin is actually on the part of the coast that is known as the Orihuela Costa, which is the coastal region for the city of Orihuela which is about 19 kilometres inland from the sea. Developing around a top class golf course the urbanization of Villamartin has grown and grown over the last 20 years or so and now covers a significant area, joining Villamartin with surrounding urbanizations and towns, such as Los Dolses, Playa Flamenca, La Zenia and San Miguel de Salinas. The property boom in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s saw thousands of UK and International buyers purchasing holiday homes in Villamartin and many even choosing to settle permanently in the area. The financial crisis of the last 3 years has caused many to reconsider their position and many hundreds have subsequently sold or are trying to sell their properties and return to the UK. There is currently a glut of properties available to buy in Villamartin and it is a great time for investors, with many properties being half the price they were at their peak (or even less in some cases). For those wanting to holiday in the area, there is also a wealth of rental properties, and with so many available you can always find cheap villas and apartments to rent in Villamartin and the surrounding urbanizations. What is the attraction of Villamartin, you may well ask, well the excellent golf course would be a big plus for those interested in this sport, the proximity to the beaches and resorts of the Orihuela Costa would be another tick in its favour, the wonderful weather conditions are also a big attraction, along with the excellent facilities and entertainment possibilities, especially at the popular Villamartin Plaza, so there are plenty of reasons to visit Villamartin some time soon . Villamartin is approximately twenty five minutes drive from San Javier airport, and is in the Alicante province of Spain.

Villamartin Map.

May 4, 2011

Sunrise Picture

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Sunrise Picture

Sunrise Picture

Today, just to lift everybody’s heart a little I am posting a sunrise picture, which I took some time ago, while waiting to pick up some clients from Alicante airport. It was taken on the beach at Los Arenales del Sol. It used to appear first in Google images, but has since been stolen by so many people that it appears, but linked to another website.

If anyone knows how prevent this type of image theft, then I would be pleased to learn about it. But for now just enjoy this sunrise picture for its beauty, peace and tranquility. If anyone steals it, I will be coming to get you (one way or another).

March 4, 2011

A Stroll Around Alicante

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Located in a natural bay and sitting against the backdrop of the Monte Benacatil peak, the city of Alicante is a modern city with a chequered history leading it to where it lies today. Its strategic position has meant it has long been a major port but also a tourism centre, providing the city with much of its income. The 2nd largest city in Comunidad de Valencia, Alicante enjoys a booming economy, though this has declined somewhat due to the current financial constraints. The main shopping centre for the region Alicante attracts plenty of visitors just due to this one feature, with many of the surrounding, and popular, coastal resorts, having little in the way of retail outlets. It also has some great attractions and one of its most famous, the Santa Barbara Castle, looks proudly down on Alicante from its lofty position on Mount Benacatil. On the seafront you will find the beautiful Paseo de la Esplanada, a popular place to take an evening or weekend stroll. The Spanish just love to walk along the promenade, and Alicante is no exception, with thousands taking in the sea air, and enjoying the cooler evening weather conditions. Rows of palm trees line the promenade making this an attractive spot to sit and enjoy some lunch in one of the seafront restaurants. Easy to reach from the airport, which is just outside the city at El Altet, Alicante should be on your list of places to visit if you are heading to the Costa Blanca this year, or in fact any year. Alicante Map.

March 3, 2011

La Marina Costa Blanca

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An extremely popular area for relocation and holidays on the Costa Blanca, especially with the Brits, La Marina is basically split into two distinct parts, the old coastal town and beach area, and the purpose built residential development, a short distance inland on the other side of the main coastal road the N-332. The coastal part of the town has some fantastic sandy beaches, which even in the peak season are so big that they never get packed, and you can always find a spot away from the crowds, to enjoy the sunny weather. The town itself has the usual rows of shops, banks, bars and restaurants, just a run of the mill coastal town. The residential development across the road has one of the largest concentrations of expats in Spain, it’s a bit like little Britain here, with a smattering of Germans and others, and even the odd Spanish person! The La Marina urbanization has all its own amenities, making it pretty much self sufficient, and of course there are a glut of rental properties in the area, though if you are thinking of renting there, you will certainly need a car to get to the beach. A good option is to rent a villa with pool, so that most day you can simply laze by the pool, cook on the barbeque and make the most of the superb weather conditions that are enjoyed here throughout the year. With a car you will be able to get out and about and visit the numerous coastal resorts, as well as attractions like the Rio Safari park, between Santa Pola and Elche, you can also get to local golf courses, of which there are plenty in the area. Don’t forget a trip into the city of Alicante, where the best shopping area can be found, and for culture maybe a visit to the Santa Barbara Castle. La Marina is surrounded by some charming little towns and villages such as Daya Vieja, Daya Nueva, Almoradi, Algorfa, Rojales, Formentera del Segura, San Fulgencio and Catral. All have been developed to a degree and if you are looking to buy property, there are plenty of villas and apartments for sale. Certainly worth a look if you are touring the Costa Blanca, La Marina will be waiting for your visit.

La Marina Map.

August 10, 2010

Esmeralda Hotel and Spa Calpe

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Esmeralda Hotel Calpe

Esmeralda Hotel Calpe

For your forthcoming trip to Calpe on the Costa Blanca, Spain, you could do little better than stay at the AR Roca Esmeralda Hotel and Spa, one of the many popular Calpe hotels on offer in this sought after coastal resort. Calpe, which is a little more laid back than nearby Benidorm is still pretty busy and has some decent facilities and fine sandy beaches to enjoy on your holiday. The facilities of Benidorm including the fabulous Terra Mitica theme park are all within a short drive of the resort. Rooms are offered in the Esmeralda Hotel Calpe from just 54 euros per night (£45) and all the usual hotel facilites will be found here including three swimming pools and two restaurants. The hotel is situated close to Levante Beach for those who prefer to sunbathe on the beach and enjoy the wonderful Calpe weather, which is mostly sunny right through the year. Calpe is within an hours drive of the closest airport at Alicante and is also within reach of Valencia airport, if you prefer this access point.

Get lots of information on the resort of Calpe here:

July 28, 2010

Hotel Cap Negret Altea

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If you are planning a visit to the beautiful coastal resort of Altea on the Costa Blanca, Spain, you may be looking for a suitable hotel for your stay. You should certainly consider the beachside Negret Hotel Altea, as this is one of the most popular hotels in this fine resort. A fine 3 Star establishment the Negret Cap Hotel offers a great range of facilities and 250 rooms, all with balconies and private bathrooms. The hotel has a super outside swimming pool with spacious sun terrace for taking in the sun and enjoying the fabulous Altea weather which is mostly sunny throughout the year. Excellent meals are served up in the buffet restaurant, and outside drinks can be enjoyed in the poolside terrace bar. Altea is perfectly located for visiting the attractions of the northern Costa Blanca, especially Benidorm which is just a little south of Altea. The town is about 60 kilometres drive from the airport at Alicante and can also be reached from Valencia is this is your choice.

July 27, 2010

Hotel Kaktus Albir Costa Blanca

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Hotel Kaktus Albir

Hotel Kaktus Albir Alfaz del Pi

You can enjoy a sun filled holiday in the Costa Blanca coastal resort of Albir by booking a stay at the comfortable Hotel Kaktus Albir. Benefitting from its seafront location this fine establishment offers 203 stylish bedrooms in tranquil pleasant surroundings, while still being handy for Albir town centre and for the massive resort of Benidorm which is just 5 miles away from the hotel. In the Hotel Kaktus Albir you will find rooms with air-con, private bathrooms and TV, with hotel amenities including swimming pool, night club, conference centre, cafeteria, bar and buffet restaurant, and outside the hotel, you will of course find the excellent facilities of Albir Playa and seafront, the liveliest part of the resort. One of Albir’s more popular hotels, the Kaktus offers rooms from just 72 euros per night. Albir is about sixty kilometres from the airport at Alicante a trip which should take you about forty five minutes.

Find out about the resort of Albir here:

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