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July 28, 2010

The Hotel Calypso Salou

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Salou Hotel Calypso

Salou Hotel Calypso

For your visit to Salou on the Costa Dorada this year, you will probably be looking for a hotel. One of the popular hotels which you might consider in the resort is the Salou Hotel Calypso, a very large hotel with in excess of five hundred rooms, and well situated close to the town centre and around 700 metres from the sandy beach. The well equipped rooms of the Calypso Hotel offer all you would expect of a modern hotel including air-conditioning, bathroom, balcony, satellite TV, telephone and minibar. The facilities of the hotel as a whole include swimming pool, games room, restaurant, bar, lounge, laundry, shop, currency exchange, luggage room, and a 24 hour reception. Salou is the best known resorts of the Costa Dorada and also attracts the most visitors, having a decent beach, good weather conditions, wide range of bars and restaurants and vibrant nightlife scene. Rooms in the Salou Hotel Calypso are offered from 41 euros per night. Salou and the hotel Calypso are located just 12 miles from Reus airport, from where you can easily get a taxi or airport transfer.

See a guide to Salou here:

June 25, 2010

Port Aventura Salou

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A huge theme park, a Beach Club, and aquatic park and three hotels, together form the amazing Port Aventura Theme Park (PortAventura), one of the largest of its kind in Europe. Port Aventura is located in the seaside resort of Salou on the Costa Dorada coastline of Catalonia in Spain. Constructed as a joint project by Universal Studios, Anheuser-Busch and the Tussauds Group, Port Aventura later became known as “Universal’s Port Aventura”, as Universal Studios held a majority of the shares in the park. Now simply known as “PortAventura” the theme park is run by the banking group La Caixa. Despite all the other facilties, Port Aventura is best known as a theme park, located in a tropical setting, it has some pretty hair-raising rides, some of the most famous being the Furius Baco, the Hurakan Condor and the Dragon Khan rollercoaster with its 8 scary loops. The park is set out on various themes including the “Wild West”, “China”, “Mexico”, “Polynesia” and “Mediterrania”. Located in the popular seaside resort of Salou, the area benefits from a fine climate and Port Aventura weather can generally be expected to be sunny and dry most days between the months of May and October. Port Aventura can be easily reached by road, rail and plane, with Reus International Airport just 10 minutes drive away.

Port Aventura Map.

May 19, 2010

Miami Playa Costa Dorada

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One of the lesser known but emerging coastal resorts on the Costa Dorada, Miami Playa has some excellent beaches in an area of attractive coastline with pretty bays and coves. Within easy reach of the resorts of Cambrils and Salou, and also the ancient city of Tarragona, Miami Playa is an ideal base for visiting the coastal regions and hinterland of the Costa Dorada.

May 16, 2010

Torredembarra and La Mora

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If you are planning a trip to the Costa Dorada region of Catalonia in Spain, and want to avoid the mass tourism resorts such as Cambrils and Salou you might consider a couple of small resorts to the north east of Tarragona. La Mora and Torredembarra are two charming unspoilt little coastal resorts with fine beaches and a quieter more laid back atmosphere. La Mora is situated on an attractive bay just eight kilometres from Tarragona, here you can view the Torre de la Mora. Torredembarra has a choice of three super beaches called La Paella, Playa del Barrio Maritimo, La Paella and Els Muntunyans, and is just twelve kilometres from Tarragona.

May 10, 2010

Tarragona Costa Dorada

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One of Catalonia’s most historic cities, Tarragona is situated in the south of the province and is considered to be part of the coastline known as the Costa Dorada (Gold Coast). Established by the Romans as the city of Tarraco it became the main base for their conquest of the Iberian Peninsular. Tarragona’s city centre has a blend of Roman and medieval architecture and is without doubt one of the most attractive cities in Catalonia. While there is plenty to see and do in and around Tarragona, most visitors want to see the Roman remains, as they conjure up images of a time long past, while mystifying as to how these structures could have lasted so long. The main Roman structures are the amphitheatre and the magnificent aqueduct, together with the Castell de Pilato which now plays host to an interesting museum. It’s not all Roman in Tarragona however and the wonderful Tarragona cathedral displays a mix of Gothic and Romanesque styles, giving evidence of the time it took to complete the structure which was begun in the 12th century, and finally finished in 1331. Don’t forget a trip into the old Jewish Quarter around the Plaça dels Angels and Carrer Talavera an area of narrow streets and archways with a unique feel and atmosphere, the Jews were expelled in 1492 but their legacy remains in the old city centre. Tarragona is a mostly industrial city but in its environs there are a number of fine seaside resorts and some excellent beaches to be enjoyed, as a break from city life head for Salou or Cambrils, two of the better known beach resorts. Ousands flock here in the summer time to enjoy the wonderful Tarragona weather and enjoy the beaches, nightlife and superb entertainment in such places as the Port Aventura theme park, one of the biggest and best in Europe. If you are flying directly to Tarragona you will no doubt arrive at Reus airport, Reus is a city just inland from Tarragona and is important for the production of wines and spirits. Tarragona Map.

April 23, 2010

Reus Costa Dorada

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Best known as the birthplace of Antonio Gaudi, Spain’s most famous architect, the city of Reus is located 17 kilometres inland of the city of Tarragona. Situated in an area well known for the production of wine, Reus had an important textiles industry during the 18th century, though its history goes back to the 13th century. Most visitors know Reus solely through the name of its airport which is the primary arrival point for holidaymakers visiting the Costa Dorada seaside resorts of Salou, Cambrils and La Pineda, the airport is some three kilometres outside the city itself. Not exactly known as a place to visit, as it overshadowed by its older neighbour, Tarragona, worth a look is the San Pedro church and the El Museo Municipal Prim Rull. Just back from the Costa Dorada coastline Reus benefits from a typical temperate Mediterranean climate with Reus weather being much the same as the coastal resort with warm dry summers and mildish winters. Reus can be reached by road by way of the T-11 from Tarragona and also from the A-7 motorway. Reus Map.

February 22, 2010

Salou and Cambrils Costa Dorada

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Salou Costa Dorada

Salou Costa Dorada

Two of the best loved resorts on the Costa Dorada coastline of Catalonia, Spain, Cambrils and Salou could not be more different. Salou, the typical Spanish holiday resort, aimed at package holidays and especially British tourists, Cambrils the traditional Spanish fishing town, retaining much of its old charm and attracting a larger number of Spanish nationals rather than International tourists. Cambrils has plenty of sand for the traditional beach style holiday, but is especially renowned for its seafood restaurants which are supplied by local fishermen who land their daily catch in the harbour much as they have done for many centuries. Cambrils has a long history, but has hung on to its traditions and not been spoilt by over-development, the old town still has narrow cobbled streets and the air of a Catalonian fishing village. Despite its modern look and feel, Salou too has a long history and was actually first settled by the Greeks over 2,000 years ago, it was also a Roman settlement as the Romans set out from nearby Tarragona to conquer the Iberian Peninsular, it grew as a tourist resort during the 1960’s and expanded with little regard to aesthetics, becoming a sprawling mess of apartment blocks and high-rise hotels. Salou is still popular however, with those seeking a particular style of holidays and being provided with everything they need in that regard – lots of entertainment, plenty of sandy beaches, amusements and sports activities, in fact there is so much to do that obtaining a car hire vehicle is advisable to get the most from your visit. Salou is the location of the large Port Aventura theme park, one of the largest of its kind in Europe. Both resorts enjoy a wonderful climate which is of course one of the major draws for tourists, the weather in Salou and Cambrils is generally warm and sunny in the summer months and mild during the winter.

Map of Salou.

November 7, 2009

La Pineda Costa Dorada

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Situated beside the resort of Salou to the south of Tarragona, the quieter resort of La Pineda is more popular with families, it has a superb sandy beach bordered by an attractive palm studded promenade. The coastal section of the town of Vila-Seca, La Pineda is a mostly made for tourism resort with a decent range of facilities. The biggest attraction in the area is the Port Aventura theme park, originally built and owned by Universal Studios, this huge theme park has a great selection of rides, a water park and a beach club. Together with Salou and Cambrils, La Pineda is one of the three big Costa Dorada seaside resorts and attracts large numbers of visitors, especially during the summer months when La Pineda weather is hot and sunny and rain is scarce. Perfect for a beach holiday, La Pineda is also a handy base for touring the city of Tarragona with its many Roman ruins. La Pineda Map.

August 31, 2009

Cambrils Costa Dorada

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Located at the southern end of the Costa Dorada, Spain, the pretty town of Cambrils is a rare example of a holiday destination that has not yet been spoiled by tourism. Boasting wonderful sandy beaches and some of the best seafood restaurants in the region, Cambrils is certainly a place to consider if you are visiting the area. The site of a significant Roman settlement over 2,000 years ago, there are still remnants from the Roman period, for instance the remains of a villa at La Llosa. Todays villas are more for holiday renters as they seek a paradise in the sun and during the summer, there is plenty of sunshine as Cambrils weather is just right for that super summer holiday, hot sunny days are tempered by soothing sea breezes making it pleasant and enjoyable. Cambrils Map.

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