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March 24, 2011

Cala Blanca Beach Menorca

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When visiting the Menorca coastal resort of Cala Blanca, you will no doubt be looking for the main attraction of the resort, which is of course, the beach. The white sandy beach which in fact gives Cala Blanca its name, is surrounded by modest cliffs, which are peppered with luxury detached villas, some private, some available for rent. Beside pretty pine wood lie the residential areas of the resort and also what there is of a commercial centre, Menorca being very quiet in this respect, but a few shops and bars to provide visitors with the essentials. You will probably spend most of your time in Cala Blanca on the beach, enjoying the sunny weather and relaxing beside the clear, blue, Mediterranean waters. You could also head along to neighbouring Cala Santandria, where an equally pleasant beach is available or for change pop along to the city of Ciutadella, where you can visit the pretty harbour and see some historic buildings, as this was once the capital of Menorca (Minorca).

December 7, 2009

Megalithic Structures of Menorca

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Menorca is beyond a shadow of a doubt the most abundant in megalithic sites of all the Spanish Balearics, having many hundreds of stone structures dating from the Talaiotic period (2000BC – 1000BC) many of these ancient sites are still in a good state of repair and well worth the effort needed to see them. The majority of the finest megalithic sites are situated in the south of the island below the route of the ME-1, Mahon to Ciutadella carraigeway, many are decently signposted, others are much trickier to find and require some exploration and a good map, if you are doing the full tour you will need a decent guide book and a detailed road map of the island. Some of the finest and best known sites on Menorca include Torralba d’en Salort, for a great example of a taula (“T” shaped stone structure), Naveta d’es Tudons for a superb example of a naveta (upturned boat type stone structure) and Son Mercer de Baix for the most ancient settlement on Menorca. To have the required freedom to tour these and many other sites you would be best advised to rent a car hire vehicle for at least a couple of days of your stay, this will give you the opportunity to tour the island without any constraints. While touring the historic sites you can also pop in and see a few of the more “out of the way” coves and beaches, or perhaps take a morning for a game of golf at Son Parc in the north and then visit Monte Toro (Bull mountain), Menorca highest peak.

August 31, 2009

Los Delfines Cala n Blanes and Cala n Forcat

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Situated to the north-east of the town of Ciutadella in northern Menorca, a large built for tourism development, takes in 3 or 4 separate resorts which have become popular since their growth from the 1980’s onwards. Known by most as Los Delfines, this complex also includes the resorts of Cala n Blanes and Cala n Forcat, plus the area known as Torre del Ram. Situated in an area of rocky coastline, these resorts are not well known for their beaches, and for beach lovers would not be ideal, although there is a decent (though often crowded) beach at Cala n Blanes. There are a couple of hotels here, but most of the accommodation is self-catering, and there are a good range of amenities between the various resorts and some reasonable nightlife and entertainment to enjoy. The area provides a good base for touring the north of Menorca and for visiting historic Ciutadella. Cala n Blanes Map.

August 26, 2009

Sant Lluis and Binibeca Vell Menorca

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Two very contrasting towns situated in the south-east of Menorca in the Spanish Balearic Islands, Binibeca Vell and Sant Lluis could not be more different. Sant Lluis was built as a garrison for the French fleet when they invaded Menorca in the eighteenth century and much of the grid layout of the town remains with some of the old garrison buildings also standing. Binibeca Vell is on the coast and is a purpose designed holiday complex, built to fit in with the typical Mediterranean style which it does in many ways. Binibeca Vell offers an opportunity to stay in a holiday resort on this popular island, while staying in a charming fishing village atmosphere.

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