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April 6, 2012

Sherborne Dorset

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Sherborne Dorset – Sherborne is a small town in the county of Dorset in southern England, located on the River Yeo, 6 kilometres from the town of Yeovil (Somerset). Sherborne had 9,350 inhabitants in 2001, it is in the District of West Dorset and has a variety of historic buildings and schools, the best known of which is Sherborne School. The town takes its name from scir burne (Old English) as “a clear river source”. Origins of the town date back to the 7th Century, Sherborne was an important town and religious centre of Wessex, one of the seven kingdoms of England. Saxonian King Alfred’s older brothers Athelbald of Wessex and Athelberht of Wessex are buried in the abbey┬á (Sherborne Abbey). Sherborne is located close to Dorset’s border with Somerset, to the east of Yeovil and to the north of Dorchester. Sherborne is the 9th largest town in Dorset.

See a map of Dorset here:

June 16, 2010

Weymouth Dorset

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Weymouth Harbour Dorset

Weymouth Harbour Dorset

At one time the only safe harbour on this stretch of the Dorset coast, Weymouth later became a fashionable seaside resort, and was very popular during the late 18th century, right through Victorian times to the present day. Still a desirable area for summer holidays, Weymouth is also a busy port for ferries to the Channel Islands and St Malo in France. The town is fairly large with a population of over 50,000, and along with the rest of Dorset, it enjoys a decent climate with milder temperatures than much of the UK. Weymouth can be accessed by way of the A354 from Salisbury, via Blandford Forum and Dorchester. Weymouth Map.

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