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August 14, 2017

Dog Training is Important

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Dog Training is Important – When you get a new puppy or dog it is important to make sure that it is properly trained to be obedient and well-mannered. Dog training not only makes owning a dog a better experience for you and your family, it also makes the life of your dog more pleasant and stress free, and also saves your pet being an annoyance to neighbours and visitors to your house. The type of training that you do with your dog will depend on the breed of dog, what you expect from your dog and what your final goal is for your pet, but the first step will be house training and basic odedience training. If you are having specific problems with your dog, these can be addressed by targeted training, for instance if you have a dog that is constantly barking, or a dog that is always chewing the furniture or items around your home. There are numerous dog training techniques which can be used and different dog trainers use different methods. Some of the most common dog training techniques include, clicker dog training, positive reinforcement and model-rival or mirror training. The best way to find out which method is ideal for your dog, is to chat with a local dog training expert. As a dog owner it is your responsibility to train your dog to respect other people and other pets and animals.

March 23, 2017

You Might Need a Dog Walker

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You Might Need a Dog Walker – Many of us take on pets, especially dogs, without really thinking through the consequences of that action. Dogs take a lot of looking after and are quite a big responsibility if they are to live happy and healthy lives. Okay, your circumstances may have changed since you took on the dog, but even without changes our lives are very busy, with lots of duties and responsibilities to juggle. You are probably at work for most of the day and then when you get home, you have the kids to deal with, housework, home maintenance and you still want some kind of social life don’t you? Slot a dog into the this equation and you’ve got a pretty full day, so who is going to take the dog for a walk? Dogs need a lot of exercise and should really be taken out at least twice a day, it is essential for their health, their mental wellbeing and many other things, but do you really have the time? This is when you might consider employing a professional dog walker to take that responsibility off you. A dog walker will call in every day, collect your dog and take it for a nice long walk, leaving you free to do more important things. Walking the dog is not all the dog walker will do, they may also feed and check up on any other pets while they are at the house, do any pet duties while you are on holiday and maybe even offer services like dog grooming and dog washing. All in all a dog walker can take the stress out of owning a dog.

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