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August 19, 2015

Catalonia Province Spain

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Catalonia Province Spain – Catalonia is a Spanish autonomous community located in the north-east of the Iberian Peninsula. It occupies an area of about 32 000 square kilometres and is bordered to the north by France (Midi-Pyrenees and Languedoc-Roussillon) and Andorra, to the east by the Mediterranean Sea along a coastal strip of about 580 kilometres, south to the Valencian Community, and to the west with Aragon. This strategic location has nurtured a very intense relationship with the territories of the Mediterranean and continental Europe. Catalonia is composed of the four provinces of Tarragona, Barcelona, Lleida, and Girona, its capital is the city of Barcelona. Catalonia has a population of about 7.5 million people and a total of 948 municipalities of which two thirds live in the metropolitan area of Barcelona. Catalonia has a coastline on the Mediterranean Sea.

March 23, 2012

Pineda de Mar Early History

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Pineda de Mar Early History – Though today a modern tourist resort Pineda de Mar on the Costa Maresme has a long history which started even before the Romans arrived in Spain. Several remains of the Iberian period (fourth century BC) found in different parts of the town of Pineda de Mar (Montpalau Hill and near Mas Castellar) testify to the settlement in the area since time immemorial. The Iberian settlements are quite numerous throughout the Costa Maresme, the towns of the Laietans tribe, whose territory occupied the entire coastal strip from the Llobregat to Tordera stood in small promontories far from the coast. The intense process of Romanization of the region from the first century BC led to the gradual occupation of the coastal zone around Pineda de Mar, with numerous villas built along the coast, making the most of easy access by way of the Via Augusta, which led to Barcelona. In Pineda de Mar there are remains of an important Roman villa, Can Roig, where an aqueduct of four arches which are still quite visible near to Cua Can.

Pineda de Mar Map.

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February 23, 2012

Canet de Mar Church

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Canet de Mar Church: The Parish Church of St Peter and St Paul in Canet de Mar on the Costa Brava (Costa del Maresme) is a late Gothic style building, built from 1579 and consecrated in 1591. It has a single nave and transept, apse and side chapels, one of which, most important, is dedicated to the Blessed Sacrament. The façade, is engraved, and has a rectangular niche portal on it. On the right stands the square tower of three storeys, built between 1793 and 1805. Its architect was Juan Garrido, from Barcelona. In 1936 the church was burned. The altarpiece was lost (work of 1630). The reconstruction was done by Josep Torras Danish between 1939/46. An ideal place to visit when the weather in Canet de Mar is not so nice, the Church of St Peter and St Paul is in the Gothic style and is located in the Church Square.

Canet de Mar Map.

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September 13, 2010

Fira Palace Hotel Barcelona

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Fira Palace Hotel Barcelona

Fira Palace Hotel Barcelona

An elegant hotel well located in the city of Barcelona, Spain, the Fira Palace Hotel is ideal for both leisure and business visitors to this great city. Offering two hundred and seventy six rooms, all both excellent facilities, the Fira Palace Hotel Barcelona could be your ideal accommodation. The hotel offers such fine facilities as an indoor swimming pool, health and fitness centre, sauna, gift shop, piano bar, two restaurants, patio garden, gymnasium, hair salon etc. Rooms in the Fira Palace Hotel are available from 77 euros per night (around £64), very reasonable for a city centre hotel in Barcelona. Located in the Catalonia region of north-eastern Spain, Barcelona is the countries second largest city, it is around 150km from the border with France and about 100kn from Girona. The city has a huge variety of attractions, whether you are looking for culture, entertainment of even a beach holiday, and a visit to Spain would not be complete without a visit to this amazing place. Barcelona Map.

July 30, 2010

Hotel Bon Repos Calella Costa Brava

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Hotel Bon Repos Calella

Hotel Bon Repos Calella Costa Brava

If you are planning a visit to the Costa Brava coastal resort of Calella this year, you might want to consider the Bon Repos Hotel for your accommodation requirements. Handily situated just 350 metres from the main beach of Calella, the Bon Repos is also convenient for the town centre and the main amenities of this popular resort. Offering a superb outside pool and Jacuzzi, the Bon Repos also has a fine restaurant, lounge, bar and entertainment programme. A good base for touring the Costa Brava and Costa del Maresme and also handy for Barcelona which is only 54 kilometres away, Calella has some fine sandy beaches, terrific weather conditions, good choice of bars and restaurants and plenty of sports and water sports facilities. Rooms are offered in the Bon Repos Calella from just 23 euros per night, a very economical option for your stay in this area. The closest airport for the hotel and resort is Girona airport, which is just 45 kilometres distant, about a half hours drive.


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April 8, 2010

Girona Catalonia

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Girona Catalonia

Girona Catalonia – Riverside Houses

A historic city in the Catalonia region of north-eastern Spain, Girona has a population of just under 100,000 and is the capital of the province of Girona which takes in many of the resorts of the popular Costa Brava coastline. Originally settled by the ancient Iberians, Girona was later called Gerunda by the Romans when they established a citadel there during their occupation of the Iberian Peninsular. Later occupied by the Visigoths and then the Moors, Girona was brought back to Christian control in the 11th century. These days Girona is the arrival point for most visitors to the Costa Brava region being the location of the main airport for the region. The airport is actually located outside the city itself, so to visit the city you will need to take a taxi or bus and from here you can access the coastline north and south via bus or train. Girona enjoys a fine climate with the best weather being during the summer months (May to September), winters are cold with frost not unusual. Worth a visit in Girona are the old town, the coloured houses of the riverside, the ancient cathedral, the Collegiate Church of Sant Feliu and the Benedictine church of Sant Pere de Galligants. Girona is located beside the AP-7 motorway which links it with Barcelona to the south-west, and Figueres and France to the north. Girona Map.

December 1, 2009

Sitges Costa Dorada

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Sitges Costa Dorada

Sitges Costa Dorada

One of the main coastal resorts used by the people of Barcelona, the town of Sitges is a jewel in an otherwise dreary stretch of coastline. Fashionable since the late nineteenth century when it became a haven for artists, Sitges grew in popularity during the 1960’s and has continued to thrive ever since. The arty heritage developed when a popular Catalonain artist named Santiago Rusiñol spent some time there, some of his Modernista work can be seen in the local art museums. Modern day tourists head to Sitges to enjoy the fine sandy beaches (of which there are around 17 in the area), the upmarket shops and the vibrant night life. The town is fairly expensive in comparison with others nearby, and has prices in line with the wealthy city of Barcelona and rooms in the town can be scarce during the busy season. The town is renowned for its Carnival and for its International Film Festival which is held every year in October/November. Sitges attracts a large number of gays and has exclusively gay and nudist beaches. The town enjoys a delightful climate and Sitges weather is as good as any resort in Catalonia, with sunshine being the order of the day from late May to October. Sitges is located just off the C-32 between Vilanova I la Geltru and Castelldefels. Map of Sitges.

September 1, 2009

Catalonia Spain

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Bordering France and Andorra the Spanish autonomous community of Catalonia has a rich and varied landscape and a rich and varied history. Containing a sizeable section of the Pyrenees mountains, Catalonia experiences a wide variety of climates from the snow covered mountain peaks with some well known ski resorts, to sun kissed seaside resorts on the Costa Brava and Costa Dorada with a warm Mediteranean climate, so Catalonia weather cannot be easily categorised, visitors are advised to check the conditions for their exact location before travelling. Catalonia covers an area of about 32,000 square kilometres and has a population of over seven million, it is divided into 4 provinces, namely Girona, Barcelona, Tarragona and the largest Lleida. Catalonia has been settled over the centuries by Iberians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Visigoths and Moors before being established as a Christian domain as Moors were driven out by the Franks in the 8th and 9th centuries. Catalonia developed Spain’s first true industry as Barcelona factories produced cotton made from material imported from the Americas during Spain’s Golden Age, it is still the most industrialized region of Spain. These days Catalonia is a prime destination for tourists, most of whom head for the coastal resorts of the Costa Brava and Costa Dorada or the fantastic city of Barcelona with its many attractions, others may enjoy some skiing in the Pyrenees, walking in the Vall d’Aran or visiting one of the fine natural parks, such as the Aiguestortes National Park. Whatever your interests you will surely find something to attract you in the multi-faceted Spanish region of Catalonia. Catalonia Map.

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