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September 14, 2017

Web Design is Important

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Web Design is Important – If you are trying to promote your club or business using a website it is important to realize the significance of good web design. This is especially important with regards to a business, because your website will be representing your business online and should have much the same impact as a shop on the High Street. In other words first impressions are important and when a person first visits your website, you will want them to have a good impression and stay on the page, have a lokk round and come back again when they are looking in the future. If a customers first impression is that your website looks awful, then the chances are that they will never return (except by accident) and you have lost one potential customer forever. This may also have an impact on your offline business as the customer may associate poor design with poor customer service. Getting an expert web design professional should be your first task when setting up a website, doing it yourself on a free website platform is not a good idea as there is counter productive advertising and more chance for a visitor to leave your site.

September 29, 2016

Finding Web Designers

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Finding Web Designers – If you are planning to get a new website to promote your business or hobby then you may well be looking for a web design specialist to help you with the task. While of course it is possible to create a website by yourself using readily available software and tools, it may a bit beyond most people and website creation alone is just one small cog in a large wheel of what is really involved in the whole process of putting a website online and having success with it. There are multiple devices to consider so that your site will look good however a person decides to access it, there is SEO, how will your website rank on search engines once it has been published and there are many other things to consider and know about before customers start beating a trail to your door via  a website. Hiring the services of a website designer is probably the best idea if you want the whole process to go smoothly and avoid the many mistakes and pitfalls that can befall a beginner.

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