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August 1, 2017

Hire a Window Cleaner

Hire a Window Cleaner – Unfortunately it is a fact of life that the windows in your home are going to get filthy from time to time and are going to need a good clean to get them sparkling and transparent once more. Now, you can of course clean them yourself if you don’t mind clambering up a ladder and risking life and limb in order to reach those hard to get to spots. Climbing ladders is pretty dangerous and if you are to avoid injury to yourself or your property, you might be better off calling in the help of a professional window cleaner, who will have all the necessary equipment and get those windows gleaming in half the time it would take you if you did it yourself. When you see how quickly and easily a proper window cleaner can achieve this task, you will wonder why you ever bothered doing it yourself, and will probably never bother again. Ask your neighbours to recommend a window cleaner, get put on his regular round and he will call every month or so, whether you are in or not and keep your windows in good condition for a relatively modest fee. You might also like to ask him if he would clean out your gutters while he is up there, most window cleaners are quite happy to do this additional job for an additional charge.

October 25, 2016

Gutter Cleaning and Unblocking

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Gutter Cleaning and Unblocking – This is a good time of the year to check out the condition of your gutters and make sure that they are clean and clear of rubbish. After the weather has been dry for a few days, get up there and pull out any leaves, rubbish and silt that may have gathered up there. Wash them out with a hosepipe and make sure everything is flowing correctly for the winter. Leaking and blocked gutters can cause damp problems in your home and you don’t want that to happen, so why not get your ladders out this weekend.

January 8, 2016

How to Get Your Guttering Repaired

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How to Get Your Guttering Repaired – When your gutters are damaged or blocked you should seek advice immediately as it could lead to more serious problems if not attended to right away. Generally speaking roofers are the people who most often deal with guttering problems, so have a look at local roofers and see if you can find one that will tackle the job. Get the gutters inspected regularly and you should avoid these types of problems. If you have a decent set of ladders (and don’t mind heights) you might climb on up there and check them out yourself, you can probably pull out a ton of junk and leaves that will cause a blockage if left for years.

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