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April 5, 2012

Aberdeen Scotland

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Aberdeen Scotland – Aberdeen the third city of Scotland , is located in north-east of Britain, on the shores of the North Sea, through which it is the European capital of offshore oil. Since 1891, Aberdeen has the official city status. This is one of the richest cities in the UK. In 2009, houses in the suburbs of Aberdeen were ranked the most expensive in Scotland. Aberdeen has several nicknames: The Granite City, The Grey City and The Silver City, together with Golden Sands. These nicknames are taken from the granite used to construct buildings in Aberdeen, and sand of its shores. Since the discovery of oil in the North Sea during the 1970’s, sometimes it is nicknamed The Oil Capital of Europe or The Energy Capital of Europe. Aberdeen has won 10 times the competition of cities and villages in bloom the United Kingdom. To drive from Aberdeen to Edinburgh is 126 miles and to drive from Aberdeen to Glasgow is 146 miles.

See a detailed Aberdeen map here:

Kelso Borders Scotland

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Kelso Scotland – Kelso is a small town in Scotland located in the region of Scottish Borders to the south-east of Edinburgh, on the banks of the Tweed. The settlement moved after the founding of the Abbey of Kelso in 1128. Its name comes from the chalky soil where there was an existing plant then called Calkou. It is famous for its streets and its main square which is fully paved, its Georgian houses, which Sir Walter Scott , the famous British writer who was a student in the local high school, said was “the most beautiful and perhaps be the most romantic village in Scotland”. The local rugby club, Kelso RFC , is one of the most famous of Scotland. Kelso is also known for its racecourse which has meetings for National Hunt horse racing. Kelso is to the south-east of Edinburgh.

View a map of Kelso, Scotland here:

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