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March 11, 2011

Porto Petro Majorca

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Located close to the upmarket Majorca resort of Cala D’Or, the pretty fishing village of Porto Petro has now started to attract its own visitors. Largely unspoilt this charming little village with pretty harbour and small sandy beach, is ideal for a tranquil family holiday, away from the noise and crowds of Magaluf and similar mass tourism resorts. Just a half hours drive from Majorca airport, Porto Petro is also pretty convenient to get to, and an ideal way to spend a holiday there is to rent one of the detached villas, which overlook the resort. Make sure you choose a villa with a private pool, then you can certainly make the most of the warm weather conditions and have a peaceful pleasant stay.

February 19, 2011

Cala Dor Majorca

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A large, rather touristy resort built around a number of small coves and bays, Cala D’Or is situated on the east coast of Majorca, and developed as a holiday destination somewhat earlier than many of its counterparts. This former fishing village, is now barely recognisable as such, and styles itself as a rather upmarket resort, based around its chic marina. A quick look at the boats in the harbour at Cala D’Or, will tell you that this is a resort favoured by the well-heeled, though don’t let this put you off, if you are planning a visit, as there is plenty of affordable accommodation to be had in Cala D’or, with a choice of hotels and plenty of self-catering villas and apartments to rent. When the weather is good, the place to head is the beach, though in July and August, get there early to get a decent spot, when the weather is not so good, try visiting one of the local street markets, such as at Porto Colom or Felanitx.

February 17, 2011

Cala Egos Majorca

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Beginning a short series of articles on Majorca resorts, I am starting with a little known but still fairly popular coastal resort on the east coast of the island. Cala Egos (I haven’t been able to find a meaning of the name!), is close to the better known Cala D’Or, and its residential areas are very close to the marina of Cala D’Or. Cala Egos is a mostly residential area with numerous large villas, and also a number of apartment complexes, it has some bars and restaurants, and has easy access to a number of small beaches and pretty little coves, for which this area is well known. A stay in Cala Egos would suit those looking for a quiet family holiday away from the hustle and bustle of Magaluf and similar resorts. Majorca Map.

December 10, 2009

Cala Mondrago Mallorca

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If you are visiting the island of Mallorca this year and are fed up with the crowds and drawbacks of mass tourism, you might want to consider heading for somewhere a little quieter. One of the recommended places for visitors of this ilk is the beautiful Cala Mondrago, situated in the south-east of the island. Having just a couple of hotels and very little else to attract those seeking a pulsating nightlife scene, Cala Mondrago will not keep you occupied for long, if you are looking for more than a relaxing beach holiday, but if it is the beach that you like, you will find one of the finest on Mallorca and in fact in the entire Balearic Islands region and with the fine climate that goes with it, you might just think you are in paradise. To say there is nothing to do here is a slight exaggeration, as nature lovers will be attracted by the Mondrago Parc Natural, which surrounds the resort and comprises 2,000 acres of important wetland with enough bird species to keep even the most ardent twitcher happy. For those who just have to visit a rowdy club or disco at night, you will just have to head into nearby Cala d’Or for the evenings and get your fix of noise.

August 31, 2009

Mallorca Resorts Cala d Or

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The chic seaside resort of Cala D’Or lies on the east coast of Mallorca in the Spanish Balearic Islands. Popular with ‘package holiday’ tourists it also has a beautiful marina where countless fine yachts are moored. A super resort for water sports, Cala D’Or has facilities for diving, sailing and windsurfing, it has numerous small beaches and coves along its 4 km of coastline. Holiday makers come to relax and enjoy the superb Cala D’Or weather and dine in the many waterfront restaurants. Cala D’Or Map.

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